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Next Generation Wellness at Work
Next-Generation Wellness at Work
By Stephenie Overman

ISBN: 0-313-36029-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-313-36029-9
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US – Amazon.com $44.95

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Workplace wellness programs benefit the bottom line. Motorola, for example, found that each dollar invested in wellness benefits returned $3.93 in health and disability cost savings. Next-Generation Wellness at Work, by Stephenie Overman, tells how to get in on the action.A nuts-and-bolts, how-to guide for managers, Next-Generation Wellness at Work delivers the latest thinking on how to take full advantage of the benefits that wellness programs can offer both employees and companies. And the effort couldn’t be more important. With the soaring cost of medical care and the increase in obesity and lifestyle-related illnesses, there is growing recognition that companies must build a culture of health and enable employees to become better guardians of their own well being. The book illustrates, in detail, exactly how to accomplish those goals. Good health saves in ways that go beyond smaller insurance premiums. It also has a direct relationship with employee productivity, making wellness a matter of high-level strategy.

Next-Generation Wellness at Work helps managers take practical steps to build programs that result in tangible, bottom-line benefits for organizations. And the book starts from the ground up, first by explaining how to take a company’s temperature, get management buy-in and design a program that fits a company’s unique needs.Building a program is one thing, but will they come? That’s where Next-Generation Wellness at Work is essential: It shows how to motivate workers to take advantage of the program and reap its many benefits. And it explains how to partner with local health providers and integrate methods to promote psychological well being, two key ingredients for success. Not many corporate programs benefit both employees and the company equally, but a well-planned
wellness initiative will boost the health and productivity of employees, leading to a happier—and more competitive—workplace.


COMING SOON: The Resilient Freelancer: Health & wellness strategies for the self-employed.